Powerful and Quick Changeovers

The Tempo 220 saddle stitcher is a tried-and-tested saddle stitching system for efficient, multi-shift production use. It has been put to the test more than 300 times, has a very sturdy construction and achieves spectacular production performance. The powerful Tempo 220 saddle stitcher will allow you to produce up to 160,000 complete magazines, brochures or other printed materials per shift, thus contributing to your economic success.


Convenient and easy to operate
The intuitive setup wizard that comes with the Tempo 220 ensures efficiency. Machine operators appreciate the easy-to-understand display on the touch-screen and the decentralized operating units. This reduces setup times significantly – an advantage that pays off during frequent job changes.

Reduced operating costs
Innovative technology results in lower power conversion and distribution costs since the loading function and compressed air equipment are automatically switched on and off. Using two separate compressed air circuits for the gathering chains and feeders, energy requirements are considerably reduced.

Strong performance
The Tempo 220 can make products reliably at speeds of up to 22,000 cycles per hour and with the highest level of cost-effectiveness, especially in multi-shift operation.

Maximum reliability
The stable and high-quality machine construction of the Tempo 220 as well as its remote capability guarantees the highest level of availability at all times and keeps operating costs low. Its modular design enables flexible system solutions with nearly unlimited expansion options, such as inserting, addressing, palletizing and selective binding, etc.

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