For More Jobs Per Shift

 The Primera MC saddle stitcher is an advanced and highly efficient saddle stitcher for the mid-performance range of up to 14,000 cycles an hour. Small, medium-sized and larger print runs – or even jobs that have to be produced with a quick turnaround time – the Primera MC allows you to generate the desired revenues in your daily production. With its innovative Motion Control technology, it boosts the position of graphic arts companies in a fiercely competitive market. This reduces setup times, resulting in extremely short processing times, which translates into maximum profitability.


Thanks to Motion Control Technology, the first product is salable
The local operating units and the central commander, with a touch screen and a setup wizard, ensure short setup times. The feeder and gathering chain are automatically synchronized. All format-related settings in the three-knife trimmer and compensating stacker are automated. The feed position of the signatures are automatically adjusted based on the speed. The planned production output will be achieved in the shortest amount of time – guaranteed!
Process Sections Flexibly and Reliably
The modular design with four types of feeder (flat pile feeder, vertical pile feeder, folder feeder, and merchandise tipper) offers the right configuration option for every production requirement, allowing you to optimally meet the future needs of your customers at all times. The Primera MC provides you with investment security for the future.
Print Products with Outstanding Quality
Comprehensive quality checks for all key process steps guarantee that only correct products leave the Primera MC. The Primera MC therefore ensures reliable production, which leads to satisfied customers.

Technical Features

  • 14.000 ciclos/h.

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