Compact and Versatile

The Presto II makes the production of saddle-stitched products easy and inexpensive. With its 9,000 cycles per hour and simple design, it is the ideal machine for small to medium-sized print runs. Thanks to its excellent price-benefit ratio, it quickly achieves a return on investment. This saddle stitcher, with its simple design and targeted automation, enables you to produce a large number of jobs in a short amount of time.


Easy to operate
Machine operators appreciate its intelligent automation features and clear setup wizards with icons that can be understood in any language and provide clear guidance when setting up jobs. This substantially reduces setup times, which pays off when changing jobs frequently.

Quality that pays off
Numerous quality checks and electronic product tracking ensure perfectly produced end products. End customers appreciate this and come to trust in you.

For low operating costs
The Presto II, which is designed for multishift operation and is JDF/JMF-compatible, has an extremely high net output. It can be configured modularly, offers versatile accessories and handles a wide range of paper sizes. Its robust machine construction and remote capability make for high availability and reduced operating costs. It can be extended to the Presto II Digital at any time, allowing it to be used for both offset and digital printing.

Technical Features

  • 9.000 cycles/h

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