The Primera MC Digital saddle stitching system enables new saddle stitching options and, in combination with digital printing, makes it possible to tap into new segments. The system enables customized magazines, catalogs and teaching materials, as well as personalized print products to be produced efficiently to high quality standards. Depending on the configuration, all the properties on the Primera MC can be used for both offset and digital printing.


Take advantage of the benefits of both worlds - offset and digital
The Primera MC Digital can be equipped with all configuration options of the Primera MC, which enables it to be fully used as a conventional saddle stitcher. Integrating the modules for digital printing turns the Primera MC into a unique production system for applications for today and tomorrow.

Digital production with on-the-fly job changeovers
Thanks to the seamless integration of all components in the line control and the MultiJob function, different jobs can be produced in direct succession without operator intervention.

Personalized products thanks to VDP technology
Unique identification codes ensure that all components of a product such as digital signatures, selectively guided offset signatures as well as individual covers match each other perfectly.

Technical Features

  • 14.000 cycles/h

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