The Presto II Digital saddle stitching system enables new saddle stitching options and, in combination with digital printing, makes it possible to tap into new segments. The system enables customized magazines, catalogs and teaching materials, as well as personalized print products to be produced efficiently to high quality standards, down to print runs of one copy with variable product thicknesses. The Presto II Digital can be precisely configured for both offset as well as digital printing.


Variable content and thickness from product to product
On the Presto II Digital, variable products can also have variable thicknesses. The stitching machine adjusts itself automatically to the product thickness and controls the stitching, including wire length, accordingly. That process ensures first-class stitching quality, regardless of the product thickness.
Hybrid product configurations consisting of offset and digitally printed content
A wide range of products can be produced thanks to the flexible configuration options on the Presto II Digital. In addition to purely digital products, conventional offset production is also run or even combined hybrid products (“offset/digital mix”).

Digital loading from the roll and the signature
The loading of the digital saddle stitching line is possible from both the roll and the signature feeder. Size changeovers are completed quickly and easily in a few simple steps. This guarantees a flexible use of the digital web or sheet-fed offset printing presses.

Technical Features

  • 9.000 cycles/h

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