Laminator with 105cm (41") wide triple-purpose wet & dry laminator capable of running water-based virgin film one side in-line and thermal film one or two sides in-line.



  • 25mm (1") thick steel side plates with 200mm (8") x 100mm (4") steel support beams.
  • 240mm (10") diameter highly polished chrome laminating roller.
  • Laminating nip pressure up to 6 metric tonnes.
  • Film is mounted on a quick-change airshaft that's micro adjustable laterally along with a trim slitter and perforating mechanism.
  • Pneumatic clutch ensures precise film tension.
  • Coating head comprises an anilux roller with a chambered doctor blade.
  • Adhesive is filtered to 100 micron for clog free operation.
  • Variable coat weights can be achieved.
  • 1.8m (72") diameter heated drum dryer.
  • Two 24kw air dryers switchable in 8kw banks.
  • Swiss made water heater with accurate temperature control up to 140°C (280°F).



  • Rising pile, back separation stream feeder with a servo driven Heidelberg Speedmaster 102 feed head.
  • B1 (40 1/8" x 28 5/16") sheets can be landscape fed.
  • Vacuum feed table with 8 x 100mm (4") wide belts.
  • Servo driven front lays produce an overlap of +- 1mm.
  • The feed head is processor controlled.
  • The feeder is fitted with a mill skid plate, allowing a full pallet of print to be loaded directly from the printing press.


  • In-built with secondary nip to the main laminator comprising of a 240 (10”) mm top rubber roller and a 200 mm (8”) bottom chrome roller.
  • Integral snatch roller separator runs in-line.
  • Features include an adjustable anti curl bar, pneumatically adjustable in-feed nip rollers, and a pneumatic air clutch to give a constant tension between the laminator and the sheeter, producing flat sheets.


  • Mirror image of feeder complete with mill skid plate that returns laminated sheets back into pile form.
  • A photoelectric cell detects the front of the incoming sheet and opens four pneumatic joggers whilst activating three under sheet air blasts to float the sheet across the pile.
  • Slow down drop wheels and the pneumatic joggers position the sheet on the pile.


  • Additional airshaft and heated rollers to allow two sided laminating in one pass.
  • Pair of adjustable chill rollers to cool sheets prior to delivery.


  • Siemens sinamics and simotion electronics, using a remote diagnostics facility.

Technical Features

  • Max sheet size - 105cm (41") x 76cm (30")
  • Min Sheet Size – SRA4 / 8.5” x 11”
  • Max Speed - 80 meters/min (265 feet/min)
  • Paper Weight - 90 gsm (60 lb) to 650 gsm (24 pt)
  • Film Range - 8 micron virgin & 24 micron (1 mil) thermal to 75 micron (3 mil) thermal [with CC 105]

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