Laminator for the 70x100 format

Available with:
Perfector (P) option, Stacker (S) option, Front Lay (FL) option, and Walk-In (WI) option



  • Footprint of 3.25 m x 1.5 m (10.6’ x 5’)
  • Laminating nip pressure up to 6 metric tonnes
  • Very heavy duty build quality - 25 mm (1”) thick steel side plates with 150 mm (6”) x 75 mm (3”) steel support beams
  • 250 mm (10”) diameter highly polished chrome laminating roller
  • Film is mounted on a micro adjustable quick-change airshaft
  • Trim slitter and perforating mechanism fitted as standard
  • Pneumatic clutch ensures precise film tension
  • Swiss made water heater with accurate temperature control up to 140°C (280°F)



  • A rising pile, back separation Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 feed head & a vacuum feed table.
  • The feed head is processor controlled, resulting in an accurate under-lap.
  • The feeder is fitted with a mill skid plate, allowing a full pallet of print to be loaded directly from the printing press.



  • Integral snatch roller separator runs in-line.
  • Features include an adjustable anti curl bar, pneumatically adjustable in-feed nip rollers, and a pneumatic air clutch to give a constant tension between the laminator and the sheeter, producing flat sheets.
  • Sheets are delivered into a vibrating jogger as standard, or an optional full pile Stacker (S).


Perfector (Optional)

  • A litho printing term for two sides in one pass.
  • Additional quick-change airshaft and heated rollers to allow two sided laminating, with a chill roller to cool the product prior to delivery.


Stacker (Optional)

  • Mirror image of feeder complete with mill skid plate that returns laminated sheets back into pile form.
  • A photoelectric cell detects the front of the incoming sheet and opens four pneumatic joggers whilst activating three under sheet air blasts to float the sheet across the pile.
  • Slow down drop wheels and the pneumatic joggers position the sheet on the pile.


Walk-In Section (Optional)

  • The distance between the laminator and the sheeter is increased in length by 50 cm (20”) to allow greater and easier access to the rollers for routine cleaning, and to the film shaft(s) for loading and unloading.
  • Also equipped with a secondary perforating station.


Front Lays (Optional)

  • For use with thin paper.
  • Situated in front of the nip roller, the front lays meet the leading edge of the sheet and register the leading edge relative to the trailing edge of the previous sheet, giving an accurate overlap to within +/- 1 mm.
  • A positive cam driven system controlled by a Siemens servo drive.
  • They allow the production speed of the machine to increase to 80 m/min (265 ft/min).



  • Siemens sinamic & simotion electronics, incorporating a remote diagnostic facility via an Ethernet broadband connection & wireless webcam and mobile Skype phone.

Technical Features

  • Max Sheet Size - 74 cm (29”) x 52 cm (20.5”)
  • Min Sheet Size – SRA4 / 8.5” x 11”
  • Max Speed - 80 meters/min (265 feet/min)
  • Paper Weight - 90 gsm (60 lb) to 650 gsm (24 pt)
  • Film Range - 24 micron (1 mil) thermal to 75 micron (3 mil) thermal with CC 76

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