Perfect Binders KM 600.A and KM 600.C

4,200 – 9,000 cycles/h

The KM 600 family is attractively priced, simple to operate and highly automated, thanks to the Copilot® system.


Features that contribute to outstanding product quality include the angled lift feed, the rugged clamping system and the swivel-mounted milling unit, which makes tool-changing far easier.

This mid-range perfect binder, with either 21 or 27 clamps, is designed as a generalpurpose machine for routine finishing operations. With either 24 or 31 clamps and a performance of up to 9,000 cycles/h the KM 600.C perfect binder is the fastest member of the KM 600 series and meets perfectly demands of modern brochure and magazine production.

Technical Features

  • Copilot® system
  • New axial concept with absolute value system
  • Feed lift with optimised functionality
  • Application-specific options for functional units
  • Quick-change cutting tools
  • Combination head for versatile spine post-processing
  • Fully integrated nozzle applicator system
  • Automatic glue feed from the LH 375.A premelter

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