The Corona is the most efficient and the most impressive high-performance perfect binding line from Muller Martini and can handle up to 18,000 cycles per hour. As it can be precisely adapted to the respective order structure, it produces magazines with a wide variety of inserts, catalogs, telephone and paperback books and much more, extremely fast and cost-effectively. The uniquely high level of automation in its performance class allows for highly efficient production over a wide range of print runs. The highest net outputs the Corona can achieve make it a racehorse and thus a secure investment for the future.


Quick setup process
The Corona is absolutely suited to long runs. The interactive setup wizard and the book data center provide for quick and clear operation. All job-related setup and changeover positions are controlled centrally. Subsequent fine-adjustments to individual settings can be made at any time at full production speed. Remotely installed operating units guarantee short distances for the operator and allow for fine adjustments at each station while the machine is running.

Undisputed effectiveness
The perfect binder is fully automated. Jobs can be reproduced, which results in secure, reliable and profitable production. The electronic BDC book data center is directly connected to the Corona control system. The developments focused on attaining the highest level of production performance have made significant contributions to production performance.

Diverse gluing and binding methods
Maximum flexibility in the use of all standard binding methods, from hotmelt to PUR. The configuration options allowing for a range of cover feeder types makes it even easier to meet individual customer requirements.

Technical Features

  • 18.000 cycles/h

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