Kolbus DA 280

100 cycles/min



DA 280 – turn-ins during continuous travel
On the DA 280, edges are turned in as the cases are transported continuously through the machine. Head and tail turn-ins are first pushed upright by circulating turn-in rails, then folded over the edge of the board and pressed down for almost an entire cycle as the case continues through the machine. This relatively long holding time is a major reason why this head and tail turn-in system guarantees perfect edges regardless of what cloth material is being used.

Fine adjustments can be made while the machine is running. The special tools travel with the case the whole length of this zone to fold and turn in the corners. Turning in and pressing is allowed to take up an entire cycle, so that outstanding results are achieved even with very resilient cover materials.

DA 280 – new operating techniques and settings
The KOLBUS Copilot® operator interface has been ergonomically optimised for fast, accurate input. The result is highest machine availability and ease of use. The operator enters all parameters at the touch screen by selecting from clear, self-explanatory symbols. The whole line then adjusts automatically to the new format. Fine adjustments to all setting axes can be made during running production. The machine speed and any error messages are displayed on an LCD screen clearly visible from wherever the operator is working. Key functions – Start, Stop and Reset – can be activated from any operator panel.

Technical Features

  • Head/tail turn-in during non-stop travel
  • Exceptionally long and strong turn-in pressure
  • Feed and transport gentle on materials
  • Fine adjustments during running production
  • Ultra-low glue consumption
  • KOLBUS Copilot® system

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