Grooving Machine
Kolbus NM 100 

Max. 65 components/min


For cutting grooves into board blanks
Sturdy, versatile box components thanks to smooth scoring cuts, through to a minimal last board/paper layer, combined with pre¬cision, ultra-thin application of glue for lining and counter-lining.

Practical packaging with ingenious closures
The highly sensual packaging not only looks and feels attractive, it also sounds special as the invisible-magnet closure shuts with a firm, soft click. The combination is especially effective in luxury packaging.

Angled scoring
The KOLBUS NM 100 scoring machine for board sections has been reengineered. It can now produce up to 65 components/ min, adapted to the speed of the downstream casemaker. The special scoring blades can be set to score 90°–130° angles.

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