Innovative Insert Marketing for Direct Mailers

Thanks to the integrated folding system, sets consisting of various inserts can be gathered reliably and cost effectively without an additional carrier. The MailLiner direct marketing system provides operational efficiency and reliability in insert finishing, and also allows you to expand your product range by incorporating new ideas and innovative business models. In addition, the system competently covers complex distribution requirements such as zoning and the increasing variety of inserts. FlexPack as an integral part of the system also guarantees the highest level of production reliability and stable bundles.


Innovative model
With the maintenance-free folding system, a range of inserts can be reliably gathered and processed without the need for an additional carrier. The folding unit enables an insert to be wrapped around the insert set as a carrier. This not only saves consumables such as foil, tape or four-sided envelopes, it is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Maximum process reliability
The products are guided reliably from the inserting process to the bundle building, including top sheet and packaging, and are mechanically secured at all times. That ensures the high-quality picking of the insert sets and provides for trouble-free production.

Economic zone production
While the efficient control system technology on the MailLiners ensures seamless zone transitions, optimization software provides for time savings in production preparation and insert changes on the feeders are reduced to a minimum.

Technical Features

  • 30.000cycles/h

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