Stack Aligner with Blocking
SR 500

Max. 30 stacks/min


Stack aligner with electrostatic blocking of product stacks such as softcover books, perfect bound magazines etc. for safe transfer of the product stacks.

Three models available:

  • Stack aligner with integrated blocking unit (SR 500.A)
  • Stack aligner (SR 500.B)
  • Blocking unit (SR 500.C)

Technical Features

  • Synchronized vertical alignment rollers, adjustable
  • Lateral, pneumatic alignment plates with integrated electrodes
  • Pneumatic, swivellable pressing block, thus giving good access to the inside of the machine if necessary
  • Pressing block expandable by electrodes
  • Optimized blocking by patented electrode system
  • Blocking, aligning or throughfeed mode can be freely selected depending on the model

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