PL 771

1.800 stacks/h


The PL 771 palletiser is capable of palletising any volume of books or brochures. Palletising is completely automated guaranteeing a cost-competitive process and precise, gentle handling. This is a compact, versatile system that is ultra-simple to operate.

The patented paternoster (vertical conveyor) takes the products to the specified palletising height. There is no risk of loose stacks slipping. An integrated stack rotation system is used to achieve the precalculated palletising pattern. The open-topped pallet magazine has the capacity to take a large number of pallets. The palletising system can handle all internationally available pallet types. Pallets are inserted and retrieved from the same side.

Technical Features

  • Fully automated palletising
  • Patented paternoster system
  • Operator-friendly control system
  • Very fast changeover
  • For all pallet types

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