The Compact All-Rounder with the Optimal Price-Performance Ratio

The compact perfect binder enables a new level in efficiency with a performance range of up to 4,000 cycles per hour. The Pantera is used for small to medium print runs and can be used flexibly for multiple binding methods. The perfect binder with the most compact design in its performance class not only offers a wide range of options in tight spaces, it also covers a wide range of sizes to enable the completion of various orders.


Short Set-Up and Changeover Times
The interactive setup wizard ensures easy and clear operation. It assists the machine operator by displaying the calculated values even for aggregates that are set up manually. The automatic make-ready system (Amrys) drastically reduces setup and changeover times. Glue trolleys speed up the glue change process during production changeovers.
A range of gluing and binding methods
The machine can be used for both hotmelt and PUR binding, which offers a great advantage: the innovative and cost-effective system operates accurately and delivers optimal product quality.

Quality that pays off
Thanks to its large size range, an incredibly wide variety of jobs can be produced that will impress even the most discerning customers. High binding quality is also ensured by monitoring the glue temperature and glue level.

Technical Features

  • 4.000 cycles/h

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