Gathering Machine ZU 805
(rotary feeder)

Up to 7.000 cycles/h


Recommended combinations with perfect binders:

ZU 805 + KM 600.A – 5,000 to 7,000 cycles/h
ZU 805 as standalone machine with the QSA 500.Z
for transverse stack delivery

Technical Features

  • Central swivelling TFT touchscreen as main operation unit   incl. statistic function of missing, double and incorrect sheets
  • Rotating TFT touchscreen at every 4 station element
  • ATC (automatic thickness control)
  • Cascade control
  • Drum with two pairs of grippers
  • Fixed catcher plates
  • Automatic height adjustment of the transport channel
  • Blast air in the pile lifter
  • Jam control in the channel
  • Blast air for separation in the magazine
  • Magazines with quick clamping device

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