D-Sig Inline

Max Speed - 120m/min = 300 A4/min = 200 A3/min


The Petratto D-Sig creates an interface between digital printing and the traditional existing book binding equipments.

Sheets are fed directly by the digital printer. It is also possible to feed sheets from a pile feeder, sheets from single-sheets rolls, winded up through the Digi-Roll system, sheets from cutting systems combined with rolls of continuous printed sheets. The D-Sig features a programming panel to set up the number of sheets making up a signature, and the number of signatures required to compose the book.

Technical Features

  • Controls to operate all sewing machines functions
  • Low cost system
  • Cost effective sewn books
  • Quick preparation of the book
  • Waste reduction and immediate printing of the discarded copy
  • The maximum paper format can be used
  • 4 pages and 8 pages folding compact books
  • The sewing machine reliability and long life are possible thanks to the slow working cycle.
  • Max Speed - 120m/’ = 300 A4/’ = 200 A3/’
  • Max Size - L = 42cm, H = 25cm
  • Min Size - L = 15cm, H = 10cm
  • Processable Grammages - min. 80 gr, max. 180 gr.

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