One-of-a-kind for commercial

print jobs in DIN format.



Invest in a future-proof machine and a solution with an optimized price-performance ratio for the economical production of brochures, catalogs, or flyers. Benefit from 20 percent cheaper printing plates than the 70 × 100 format and the flexibility of a wide range of substrates.

High performance made easy.
The Speedmaster CS 92 flexibly prints a variety of imposition layouts in 92 format. Designed as a future-proof investment offering top quality and short makeready times, it cost effectively covers a wide range of commercial print jobs.

Technical Features

  • Improvement of overall equipment effectiveness – navigated printing reduces process- and operator-dependent downtimes.
  • Select and release jobs for printing with just 2 clicks.
  • 70 % fewer operating steps per job change thanks to the patented Intellistart.
  • Fewer print interruptions and less space required thanks to higher piles.
  • 50 % more productive thanks to three repeats instead of two for six pages of A4 and 12.5 % more productive thanks to nine A4 repeats instead of eight with 1 cm larger print format.
  • 20 % lower plate costs with the 92 format.

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