Absolute Top Class
The Alegro perfect binder satisfies the high requirements in offset and digital printing in print runs of all sizes thanks to modern, innovative drive and control technologies. The highly flexible machine concept allows for fast configuration adjustments for the successful handling of almost all production requirements, which nowadays can change almost every hour. Separate drives, reproducible order data, and possibilities for integrating into a workflow system not only guarantee extremely short processing times along with unbeatable production costs for books, but also more capacity for additional production.


Unbeatable changeover times
Thanks to its high degree of automation, the Alegro stands out with short set-up times and production in record time at the highest level. All stations are driven directly and controlled individually. The settings can be reproduced, which directly impacts the accuracy of the products to guarantee outstanding book quality, even for repeat jobs.
Wide product range
The Alegro can process a huge range of sizes – from ultra-small to A3. A4 landscape products can be run in two-up production, which considerably reduces production costs for all print runs. The machine is digital ready, i.e. well equipped to meet the requirements of digital printing. It can produce books of varying thickness and with manual changeovers. The Alegro can be used for all conventional binding methods. One-shot hotmelt, two-shot hotmelt, cold emulsion, combined binding methods and PUR are all possible.
Low maintenance costs
By implementing separate drives, there is no need for shafts, gear boxes or chains to run the stations. That considerably reduces the need for lubrication and maintenance.

Technical Features


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