Settings New Standards in Perfect Binding Productivity
The Bolero universal perfect binder is a veritable workhorse for the medium performance range of up to 9,000 cycles per hour. Apart from short changeover times and a high net output, the Bolero stands out thanks to the wide range of products it can produce: from the production of perfect bound brochures, magazines, and catalogs to the manufacture of book blocks for hardcover books. The Bolero boasts easy operation at the commander and at the local panels. Data can be taken automatically from the electronic book measurement device or the JDF interface.


Wide Range of Products
It handles both products with milled spines or thread-sewn books, and it is perfectly suited for both applications. It processes products with spine lengths of up to 510 mm and thicknesses of up to 80 mm. With this large size range, the Bolero meets all production requirements. The book binder can therefore run multiple-up production without major costs, which makes it economically unbeatable.

Diverse gluing and binding methods for any job
Flexibility is in great demand when it comes to perfect binding. The Bolero is therefore set up for all of today's binding methods: one-shot and two-shot hotmelt, cold emulsion, primer two-shot binding and polyurethane. The PUR equipment of the Bolero provides excellent binding quality with the highest pull values and superior layflat characteristics.
Highly efficient thanks to automation
The perfect binder is fully automated. Jobs can be reproduced, which results in secure, reliable and cost-effective production. Another unbeatable advantage is that full automation extends over the entire product size range and all book hangout settings. This ingenious technology allows the Bolero to achieve full production output in the shortest time.

Technical Features

  • 9.000 cycles/h

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