Great Press, Great Price, Great Value.

The Speedmaster CD 102 is the all-rounder for a wide variety of applications and the best-selling press series by far in the 70 × 100 format.


The reasons for this are clear – exceptional and, above all, stable print quality throughout the run, straightforward operation, excellent stability in operation, and outstanding net productivity make the Speedmaster CD 102 a secure investment with a short payback period. The new Speedmaster CD 102 continues in this same tradition. The Preset Plus Delivery and attractive equipment packages offer far higher performance levels at a great price.

The demand for environmentally friendly products and green production is growing. Attract new customers through sustainable production while also cutting your energy and consumption costs. With the new Speedmaster CD 102, you benefit on a daily basis from the outstanding energy efficiency of the perfectly coordinated components – from drive and air supply to dryer technology.

Technical Features

  • Prinect Press Center Compact with Intellistart process-oriented operator guidance system for exceptionally user-friendly operation
  • Preset Plus Feeder for maximum substrate flexibility
  • AirTransfer System for contact-free sheet travel
  • AutoPlate for fast plate changes and short makeready times
  • High-capacity inking unit for stable inking throughout the run
  • Coating unit with chambered blade system for the most exacting coating requirements
  • The Preset Plus Delivery utilizes presetting data for high-precision pile formation and extremely short makeready times

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