The Speedmaster CX 75 is a real multi-talent. It is based on the innovative technology of the Peak Performance class of the Speedmaster XL 75.

The inclusion of the sheet travel concept with double-size impression cylinders opens up a wide range of applications and a large variety of substrates.



Experience undreamt-of performance.
With Push to Stop, the efficiency of print production (OEE) can be raised to a level that has been difficult to achieve in the past. The new Intellistart 3 assistance system revolutionizes your job changes with comprehensive, time-optimized automation. Push to Stop and the implementation of artificial intelligence offer you a unique user experience (UX): autonomous and navigated  printing across the entire printing process. The new Intelliline can be used to visualize the  respective machine states.

Machine operation is now easier than ever – the new Heidelberg User Experience on the 2020  generation of the Speedmaster will inspire you.

The compact Speedmaster CX 75 can be perfectly integrated into almost every pressroom thanks to its small footprint. The ergonomic press concept permits quick and easy operation. It lets you  produce exactly what your customers want, cost-effectively and sustainably.

Technical Features

1. 0 minutes additional makeready time when changing format or substrate due to fully automated preset functionalities from the feeder to the delivery.

2. Navigated printing with Intellistart 3! Full transparency and automatic processes improve the OEE in the pressroom.

3. Inking-up right from the first pull! Perfect interaction of Color Assistant Pro, Color Fast Solution and Prinect measurement systems.

4.Keep an eye on everything, even with complex job changes, thanks to the innovative operator guidance system with Intelliguide and Intelliline.

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