Versafire CV

Setting New Standards in its Class

With its outstanding quality and exceptional functions, the new Versafire CV takes efficiency, reliability, and profitability to a whole new level.


This flexible all-rounder is the only press in its class to go one better than four-color printing and offer white as an additional high-opacity color or, alternatively, a full-area or spot coating with outstanding gloss characteristics. It is quick and easy to switch between the white and coating alternatives, which ensures flexible use of these two surface finishing options.

Thanks to its innovative laser technology, the Versafire CV delivers razor-sharp high-resolution images. One particular plus point is the color toner used, which achieves a sharp, uniform result thanks to ultra-fine particles. Other impressive features include a large color scale and a low melting point. This makes it possible to print on all kinds of materials, such as heat-sensitive plastics, with an image and color quality close to that achieved in offset.

Technical Features

Versafire CV. The Flexible All-Rounder

  • Flexible operation: Easy to switch from white to coating and vice versa
  • Precise registration: Register-accurate production of small formats for high-precision finishing
  • Unusual(ly large) formats: New design freedom for print products
  • Straightforward operation: Free choice between digital and offset printing at all times
  • Hybrid workflow: Combining offset and digital contents in a single print product with central color management for requirements such as personalization

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