Versafire CP

The Ultimate in Productivity

Versafire CP sets new standards in productivity, quality, and availability.


Its flexibility, scalability, and wide-ranging inline finishing options make it the ideal solution for any print volume, high or low. Short makeready times combined with excellent register and color accuracy ensure the best possible results.

Versafire CP produces top-class advertising and presentation materials along with personalized print products, professionally bound books, and brochures. Inline production offers a whole host of solutions – from high-capacity stacking, perforating, and folding all the way through to leaflets and books with adhesive binding. The system automates the entire production workflow, which eliminates the need for complicated operator interventions. What’s more, Versafire CP processes all kinds of materials, including challenging substrates, with ease. An innovative color toner with a low melting point further increases the range of materials that can be printed.

Technical Features

Versafire CP. The Productive High Achiever.

  • Impressive productivity: Developed specifically for optimum results and maximum performance levels
  • Versatile finishing: Large selection of inline finishing
  • Continuous production: The system’s two-module structure with separate fixing and imaging units and new vacuum suction feed reduces downtimes
  • Wide range of materials: Reliable production, even with difficult materials, thanks to new fuser and innovative toner
  • High level of automation: More user-friendly operation with straightforward setup

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