The perfecting press.

 This perfecting press in 70 x 100 format is the perfect investment in the future for commercial printers, publishers, and web-to-print print shops.


Apart from high output, the precision of our unique perfecting technology and the perfect sheet travel ensures constantly high quality on both sides.

One pass productivity.
The Speedmaster SX 102 is our perfecting press, which combines reliability proven all over the world with a user-friendly operating concept. A success story that has already been proven a thousand times over in print shops. A versatile and economical machine, perfectly tailored to the requirements of your customers and your success, it is well prepared for the future with innovative solutions from the XL series.

Technical Features

  • World champion of perfecting technology
  • 50 % less makeready time with AutoPlate Pro compared to AutoPlate
  • Autonomous printing from the last to the first good sheet, fully automated job changes: the ultimate solution
  • Up to EUR 100,000 saved per year by using roll-fed stock (7 % cheaper) in combination with CutStar
  • Speed and transparency, even with complex job changes, thanks to the innovative, process-oriented operator guidance system Intellistart 3
  • Protective liner instead of metal. Just 1 minute instead of 4 to clean the ink fountain

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