The Peak Performance class.

With its modern design, the Speedmaster XL 75 is tailored towards ergonomic operation and your requirements. The Speedmaster XL 75 offers you maximum flexibility thanks to extensive configuration options for the most demanding requirements in commercial, label, and packaging printing.


With Push to Stop, the efficiency of print production (OEE) can be raised to a level that has been difficult to achieve in the past. The new Intellistart 3 assistance system revolutionizes your job changes with comprehensive, time-optimized automation.

Push to Stop and the implementation of artificial intelligence offer you a unique user experience (UX): autonomous and navigated printing across the entire printing process. The new Intelliline can be used to visualize the respective machine states.

Machine operation is now easier than ever – the new Heidelberg User Experience on the 2020 generation of the Speedmaster will inspire you.

The result is a machine that adapts to changing market requirements. Top quality with maximum availability – you can rely on that.

Technical Features

1. Improvement of the OEE through reduction of process-dependent and operator-dependent downtimes – operator-independent performance through intelligent automation.

2. 0 minutes additional makeready time due to fully automated air settings when changing substrates using characteristic profiles.

3. 1,500 more sheets per hour through an increase in speed to 16,500 sheets per hour with straight presses.

4. 0 effort thanks to Auto Protect. Fully automatic application of Saphira roller protection liquid – in the Intellistart process.

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