Speedmaster XL 75

Peak Performance Class – Technology and Productivity that Know no Compromise

The Speedmaster XL 75 offers the solution without any compromise in the 50 × 70 format range and a maximum of availability, shortest makeready times as well as consistent high production speeds which ensure the decisive competitive edges in technology and productivity.


It offers comprehensive configuration possibilities and satisfies even the most unusual and demanding requirements of customers in commercial and packaging printing. Depending on requirement, the Speedmaster XL 75 can be equipped with packages that allow to reduce makeready times and increase productivity as well as with various components.

The high energy efficiency and the careful use of resources make it the most eco-friendly machine in its class. One possibility to reduce the energy demand is to use again the waste heat of the DryStar Combination dryer for the drying process by means of heat recovery. The Star System peripherals are perfectly coordinated with the press. They are highly efficient and designed to conserve energy and resources. The reduction or even the complete renouncement of alcohol thanks to the equipment of the machine with special packages is another important contribution to eco-friendly printing. This results in a print process that delivers eco-friendly operation at lower costs.

Technical Features

  • High-performance Prinect Press Center and Intellistart process-oriented operator guidance system
  • Feeder and delivery operating panels with glass touchscreen
  • Color Package comprising Prinect Inpress Control, the inline measuring and control system, Color Assistant Pro for fully automated control of the ink fountain liner, the self-calibration of the ink zones with automatic adjustment of characteristic curves as well as the individual optimization of the ink presettings, program-controlled preinking and ink vibrator throw-off and digitally controlled ink zone motors
  • AutoPlate XL for fully automatic simultaneous plate changes
  • PerfectJacket impression cylinder jacket and TransferJacket Blue, the jacket for transfer cylinders, enable a considerable longer service life and minimize the cleaning effort
  • Optimized washing programs for fast and thorough washing results
  • Convertible triple-drum perfecting device

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