Polar LabelSystem SC-25

Shaping the Development in the Industrial Production of Square-Cut Labels.


POLAR LabelSystem SC-25 is extremely efficient and accurate in cutting. Two strips can be processed simultaneously and help to obtain new dimensions of performance of up to 1,560 packs banded in 60 minutes. It is designed as a modular system especially for industrial manufacturing of minimum-size labels. First of all, a POLAR high-speed cutter cuts the label material to strips, either in-line or off-line. Finishing is carried out in the automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 25, the central component of LabelSystem SC-25.

Workflow: The precut strips are manually positioned on the LT-S and afterwards pushed onto the Autocut rear table. In the Autocut the strips are arranged on the rear table with their sides and front precisely aligned. Two strips, each, are cut simultaneously. After being cut, the two labels are transferred via a swivel unit into the BSduo banding device. First, the two labels are separated. Then, a feeder unit pushes them through the banding material where they are properly welded.

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