Polar LabelSystem DC-11

System for the Highly Automated In-Line Production of Die-Cut Labels up to 960 Stacks in 60 Minutes.


POLAR LabelSystem DC-11 is designed for the highly automated in-line production of banded die-cut labels. The menu-driven system setup makes operation easier and reduces make-ready time.

The workflow: First of all, a POLAR high-speed cutter cuts the label material to strips, either in-line or off-line. Automatic cutter POLAR Autocut 25 takes the strips and cuts them into label stacks. A pusher device at the Autocut 25 front table takes the label stack to the DC system die-cutter. After die-cutting the label stacks are automatically pushed to the single-station bander BD where they are banded. The ultra-sonic welding unit integrated in the BD needs no preheating, is always ready for operation and saves the material. No annoyance caused by bad smell.

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