Polar Cutting System 160

Up to 60 % more output adverse a High-speed cutter without peripheral equipment .

The POLAR CuttingSystem 160 offers performance-enhancing components which streamline the loading, jogging, cutting and unloading processes. When the operator produces an average of 10 reams per hour on a stand-alone high-speed cutter, this output can be increased to up to 16 reams per hour when system components are used, while reducing at the same time the physical working load.


Cutting System for improving the output, ergonomics and quality.

The workflow: A loading lift takes the material to be cut onto the optimal working height for the operator who puts it on the automatic jogger. After jogging is completed, he pushes the material onto the front table of the high-speed cutter. After cutting, the pallet is unloaded with the help of a lift which also ensures that the operator's back will be saved. 

POLAR components are also available with optional performance-enhancing features: High-speed cutter with PRO equipment, stack lifts with carryimg capacity increased to 1200 kg, automatic jogger RA with air-removing roller, and determination of quantity by a counting scale component.

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