Cutting System 200 Pace

Compared with a Manual System, this System Increases the Output up to 100 %, or Reduces Labour Costs by Saving one Person.


The Autoturn turning gripper with automatic aligning gauge is the centre of the PACE cutting system. The gripper system turns the ream on the rear table, either 90 or 180 degrees, to the right or left-hand side. Then an automatic gauge positions the ream. The cut is released automatically. In this way, undivided reams can be cut without any operator. If further cuts are needed, the operator continues the cutting job and turns the individual products manually.

A POLAR Autotrim high-speed cutter, which automatically removes the cutting waste, is a precondition for this highly automated PACE cutting system.

The unloading Transomat makes it much easier to unload the high-speed cutter. This optimizes the entire workflow. The intermediate and final products are manually pushed onto the Transomat transport pallet. In automatic cycles, they are precisely stacked on the pallet.

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