Polar Cutting System 120

Up to 20% more output adverse a high-speed cutter without peripheral equipment


POLAR CutSystem 120 for medium sizes (up to 75 x 106 cm) offers performance-enhancing components for ergonomically designing the processes before and after cutting: When the operator produces an average of 10 reams per hour on a stand-alone high-speed cutter, this output can be increased to 120 percent while reducing at the same time the physical working load.

The workflow: A loading lift takes the material to be cut onto the optimal working height for the operator who pushes it on the front table of the high-speed cutter. After cutting, the pallet is unloaded with the help of a lift which also ensures that the operator's back will be saved.

POLAR components are also available with optional performance-enhancing features: High-speed cutters with PRO equipment or LW Stack Lifts with larger platform and increased carrying capacity.

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