Bundle Wrapping Machine
Kolbus XBV 240

24 cycles/min



For the manufacture of various printed products in the hardcover and softcover production area, KOLBUS offers special packaging machine combinations for inline production. The stack packaging machine XBV 240 can be universally used as a stretch wrapping unit, e.g. for economical protection during the transport of book stacks and as a bundle wrapping machine. Use the XBV 650 overwrapping machine in connection with half tubular film to create heat-sealed packaging on three sides for stacks and individual products. In connection with shrink-wrap tunnel XBV 100, both machine types are the perfect inline packaging system offered by KOLBUS.

Technical Features

  • XBV 200 - Stack packaging machine 20 cycles/min – as bundle wrapping machine for nearly closed packaging
  • XBV 240 - Stack packaging machine, 24 cycles/min – as bundle wrapping machine + stretch wrapping unit with film stretching for solid stacks
  • XBV 650 - Overwrapping machine, 65 cycles/min – for individual and stack packaging using half tubular film heat-sealed on three sides
  • XBV 100 - Shrink-wrap tunnel – to shrink-fit the film in throughfeed

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