Special Cleaner

Thoroughly cleans and revitalizes

Saphira® Special Cleaner is a versatile universal cleaner for Heidelberg® postpress equipment.


Variety of applications. Saphira Special Cleaner can be used for all kinds of different applications:

  • On Stahlfolder® folding machines from Heidelberg: Cleans and revitalizes folding rollers in one go, leaving the rubber surface of the treated rollers smooth and resilient without any sign of swelling.
  • In the bookbinding sector, on Eurobind® adhesive binders: In addition to cleaning and revitalizing conveyor belts, Saphira Special Cleaner also effortlessly removes adhesive residues from the adhesive binders’ metal surfaces.
  • In the folding carton industry, on Diana® X folding carton gluing machines, it cleans and degreases pressing belts and guide straps.
  • In the envelope industry, its uses include removing adhesive residues from the double-sided adhesive tape on rubber plate cylinders.

Tried-and-tested quality. Only approved raw materials are used to make Saphira Special Cleaner. The product contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHCs) or aromatic compounds.

Technical Features


  • Use of vegetable-based solvents
  • Your folding rollers, transport rollers, conveyor belts, pressing belts, and pressing carpet last longer
  • Thoroughly cleans and degreases simultaneously
  • Significantly improves production quality

Saphira Special Cleaner
Saphira Special Cleaner is extremely powerful yet very gentle.

Reference no. : FH.1061774/01
Packaging unit: 1,000 ml

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