Wash-up Cloths

Saphira® Wash-up Cloths are manufactured to strict specifications and enhance print quality thanks to their outstanding cleaning performance.


Saphira Wash-up Cloth. Like all Saphira Wash-up Cloths, this standard cloth has been thoroughly tested and approved by the Heidelberg® development department. It is used in the Heidelberg demonstration centers and in our manufacturing plants. This cloth is also supplied with every press.

Saphira Wash-up Cloth Long. Developed by Heidelberg, the Saphira Wash-up Cloth Long enables more wash-up cycles per roll. With up to 40 percent more cloth on the roll (dependent upon format), this option cuts press downtimes during changeovers. Compared to the standard cloth, this attractively priced alternative enables additional wash-up cycles combined with fewer cloth changes, thereby boosting your machine’s cost-effectiveness.

Saphira Wash-up Cloth Classic. Produced using the same tested and approved material as the Saphira Wash-up Cloth Long, this wash-up cloth is a very attractively priced alternative for customers looking to work with a standard length cloth without compromising on washing performance.

Saphira Wash-up Cloth Perfecting. The special fabric of the Saphira Wash-up Cloth Perfecting is non-lint-prone and highly tear resistant and its surface area has a high fabric consistency. These properties result in particularly smooth and even cleaning. This is why the Saphira Wash-up Cloth Perfecting is recommended exclusively for cleaning PerfectJacket cylinder jackets in printing unit wash-up devices after the perfecting stage.

Saphira Wash-up Cloths. Saphira Wash-up Cloths are the only cloths to be tested and approved by Heidelberg. Saphira Wash-up Cloths are supplied with our printing presses and run on a daily basis on thousands of machines worldwide. The various specifications have been developed to meet a wide range of requirements.

Technical Features

  • Protect the surface structure of blankets and impression cylinder
  • High fabric consistency
  • Ideal for frequent washing when working with shorter runs
  • Ideal for short wash-up cycles
  • Manufactured to exact specifications
  • Tested and approved by Heidelberg
  • Roll diameter and width with uniform dimensions
  • Limited swelling combined with good absorbency

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