Wash-up & Go

Efficient cleaning. With Saphira® Wash-up & Go, Heidelberg® offers an innovative and cost-effective cleaning system for your printing equipment.

Based on a system of aluminum tray and disposable liners, Saphira Wash-up & Go enables you to clean your machines quickly and efficiently. You no longer need to painstakingly scrub colors after each printing job: Simply remove and dispose of the used liner, then install a clean one within your tray.

Cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. By reducing the time needed to clean your machines, Saphira Wash-up & Go enables you to reduce downtime and increase your productivity. Because it eliminates the need to use chemical solvents, Saphira Wash-up & Go also contributes to preserving the environment and improves the quality of your working environment.

Measurable time-savings. Saphira Wash-up & Go ensures significant benefits in terms of time-savings, even for single color presses. The more units a machine has, the more profitable the system proves to be. For instance:

On five-color presses, Saphira Wash-up & Go enables time-savings of up to 30 minutes.



  • Increases your productivity by dramatically shortening the time needed for cleaning
  • Preserves your equipment and the environment
  • Reduces waste-disposal; no solvents needed
  • Proven benefits for single-color-machines
  • Cuts the cleaning process by up to 30 minutes

Saphira Wash-up & Go

Two versions available. Saphira Wash-up & Go is available in two different versions depending on the press’s model and type: with retaining groove or magnetic strip. Thanks to the new magnetic strip system, replacing used liners is easier than ever: The liner needs only be gently pushed against the tray to be magnetically secured.

Where to buy Saphira consumables? Saphira consumables from Heidelberg are available for the pressroom, prepress, and postpress – at reasonable prices. We supply Saphira products quickly and reliably. Over 250 international sales offices provide for all your needs. In many countries, you can even place orders 24/7 through our online shop at

Technical Features

Wash-up & Go System with retaining groove

  • Aluminium support
  • Liner2
  • Wash-up blade

Machine compatibility

  • Printmaster GTO® 46/52
  • Speedmaster® SM 52/SX 52
  • Speedmaster SM 74/SX 74/CD 74
  • Speedmaster XL 75
  • Speedmaster SM 102/SX 102/CD 102/CX 102
  • Speedmaster XL 145
  • Speedmaster XL 162

Wash-up & Go System with magnetic strip

  • Aluminium support
  • Liner2

Machine compatibility

  • Speedmaster SX 52 Anicolor
  • Speedmaster XL75 Anicolor
  • Speedmaster XL105/XL106

1 Starter Kits including one aluminum support and two liners are available. For systems using retaining grooves, a wash-up blade must be separately ordered.

2 One pack liner includes 25 pieces.

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