Saphira Eco
Thermal Plate NA 101

Outstanding properties. The Saphira® Thermal Plate NA 101 is a unique and environmentally-friendly printing plate technology with outstanding properties for prepress and press. Technical improvements have made the Saphira Thermal Plate NA 101 much more sensitive. With the new generation  of printing plates, you can utilize the features of your platesetter to the full – for example, 38 pph for a Suprasetter® 105 from Heidelberg®.


Simple but stable process. The negative-working printing plate has a very wide processing latitude based on patented ThermoFuse technology, with the wash-out process not requiring any developer. The non-imaged latex particles are simply washed out in a plate processor using Saphira Thermoplate Cleaner NA. Unbaked plates are suitable for runs up to 200,0001 prints, while baked plates can handle runs up to 400,0001 prints.

A further benefit of the ThermoFuse technology is the low consumption of wash-out solution.


  • Eco-friendly technology: No developer or replenisher required, low chemical consumption
  • Excellent clean running cuts waste right from the startup phase
  • Maximum productivity as a result of high sensitivity
  • Excellent dot stability
  • Excellent plate contrast

1Depending on printing conditions, ink, paper, and machine settings

Technical Features

  • Plate type Negative-working thermal plate (write-the-image) with very wide processing spectrum based on ThermoFuse technology
  • Use For sheetfed and heatset WEB
  • Substrate Electrochemically roughened and anodized aluminium
  • Plate thicknesses 0.15 – 0.20 – 0.24 – 0.30 – 0.40 mm
  • Spectral sensitivity 830 nm
  • Laser energy 180 mJ/cm²
  • Prinect AM Screening resolution 200 lpi
  • Prinect Hybrid Screening resolution 250 lpi/24 μm
  • Prinect FM Screening resolution 24 μm
  • Processors Analog and CtP processors that can be fitted with a brush roller in the developing section
  • Safety lighting None
  • Service life 24 months
  • Run length Up to 200,0001 prints without baking, up to 400,0001 with baking

1Depending on printing conditions, ink, paper, and machine settings.

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