To be in business in a challenging form…

Some companies are already born to be always ahead of their time with eyes on the future and feet firmly in the present. But there are others which are different.

For many company owners the latest technology, the increase of productivity, the optimization of processes, the continuous improvement, the reduction of waste – being in this case time  an important factor -, the reduction of costs, etc. are just abstract concepts that have little to do with the management of their companies. However, they can make the difference between profit and loss, between success and failure.

Behind these concepts that do not count for them new real technologies, techniques and practices are often hidden which can help efficiency and profitability. These concepts are in some ways hard to be understood, especially in the view of conservative businessmen who have difficulty in recognizing the increase in value since the raw material enters the machines to the finished product or from the order to the delivery or even from the design of a work to the finishing, including the processing of information from the customer and the subsequent actions to change the way followed by the product. A series of individual operations must occur in a synchronized sequence to ensure that each machine in the production process can perform its function without interruptions.

To try new processes, products and technologies does not necessarily mean to change the paradigm completely. It only means to be open to explore other ways to continue to discover new forms of benefit or add more value to the company.

To add value you must start by removing all barriers to keep the equipments working properly, to facilitate constant experiences of products, processes and technologies that result in solutions that work and can fill gaps in all productive sectors of the company.

However, the real challenge is to be ready to take the first step, that means to identify problems related to workflow and make positive changes or adaptations so that the end result is what you expect to get from your company. The challenge is to make the activity compatible with the search for means that bring an economic return.

The race to success almost always favours the most daring people who want to be on the market in a challenging way.

The almost disdainful way one often looks at solutions based on knowledge, replicating methodologies and products that are placed on the market incorporating experience and good practices of use show who is interested in giving importance to his business. 

To reevaluate long used concepts and redirect them to other ones, in constant search of renewal and improvements that add value to the production chain and to the optimization of the final product is, certainly, one of the biggest challenges for all those who daily struggle with questions and tasks centered on the development and projection of their companies, in order to achieve the best results.

There is no pre-prepared recipe for success, both in the printing industry and in any other sector of activity. There are only challenges. And to have success in his area of business depends on the ability of knowing whether to take advantage of the opportunities he has or waste them thinking that they are not worth. This is the reason why companies are not equal. Even using the same technological means and acting on the same market, each of them behaves differently. In reality what distinguishes them is only the following paradigm: to know how to add value and establish ambitious targets, even if they have to take shortcuts to reach their purpose.

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