POLAR Mohr is expanding its product portfolio in the direction of single-sheet processing

In Digicut, POLAR is offering a device for the creative processing of single sheets.  The laser cutter can cut, perforate, crease and engrave in one pass - without the need for a tool change.

The innovative laser technology opens up numerous possibilities for digital and commercial printers. The laser enables the most intricate contours to be not only cut, but also perforated, creased and engraved - all in a single pass and on a wide variety of materials.




Production options

There are practically no limits when it comes to the contour.  Because a laser is used, there are also no additional tool costs.  As a result, batches from one single copy to several hundred can be produced very economically. 

 A small selection of products that can be manufactured with the Digicut includes:  cards, invitations, envelopes, folders, writing paper, samples, business cards, place cards, lanterns, jigsaws, bookmarks.

Digicut description

The tool in the Digicut is a laser beam.  Today, laser technology is already used in many areas of day-to-day life: from a simple light pointer (e.g. a laser pointer in presentations) or distance measuring devices through to CD players.

 Laser cutting is a thermal separating method for flat-lying material.  The material is processed without any contact, and therefore does not need to be fixed.  The material itself is vaporized on the surface in fractions of a second as a result of the laser energy.  This sounds more dangerous than it is.  Like our cutting machines, the Digicut also meets the high POLAR safety standard,  which is confirmed by the GS mark.

If you would like to see the Digicut in action, you can either have a live demonstration, or first watch this video clip: http://www.polar-mohr.com/digicut

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