“Smart Print Shop”

Heidelberg introduces greater machine intelligence with the new Speedmaster generation

  • Integration into the digital world enhances transparency, permits process optimization, and increases overall performance
  • New generation of the Prinect Press Center with refined operating philosophy and optimum integration into intelligent digitized production systems
  • Multitude of product innovations across all format classes make the new Speedmaster generation even more attractive
In print production, the intelligent use and linking of digital information enables even complex processes to be made leaner and more efficient, increasing profitability in the long term. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) recognized this potential early on, and has been consistently promoting digital integration ever since it introduced the Prinect print and media workflow in 2000. Digital integration provides a framework for print shops to realize industrial processes with integrated interfaces to customers, suppliers, production and logistics.
The new Speedmaster generation to be presented at drupa 2016 can be integrated into this digitized process world more easily and quickly. The new Prinect Press Center XL 2 machine control station not only assumes the role of the digital interface in the workflow here, but also the intelligent human/machine interface which helps the operator to fully exploit the performance of the machine. “We were ahead of our time when we presented the Prinect Press Center with the wallscreen in 2008”, recalls Stephan Plenz, Member of the Management Board and responsible for the Equipment Segment at Heidelberg. “Today, the big displays are almost taken for granted; users value the benefits in daily production and do not want to be without the wallscreen, a fact impressively demonstrated by the 100-percent repurchase rate.”

Heidelberg is now presenting the next stage of development with the new Wallscreen XL. With a diagonal screen measurement of 65 inches, a resolution of 4K and an even clearer structure, it is the perfect complement to the enhanced operating concept. The option of individual customization demanded by many customers has been significantly extended with the introduction of the “myWallscreen” area. It permits the configuration of individually selected information panels, while new intelligent widgets provide practical added value. For example, the areas with higher color assignment on the sheet can be indicated based on the prepress data or the “Plate on Demand” function can be used which allows the printer to initiate the exposure of a new printing plate directly from the control station and in this way avoid or minimize downtimes.
Along with the new Wallscreen XL, the operating concept has been refined to make it even simpler. The user can now operate the new multi-touchscreen and the touchpad using swiping techniques familiar from smartphones or tablets. “The new Prinect Press Center is the common denominator in our Speedmaster drupa generation and is available in appropriate configuration levels for all product lines”, explains Mr. Plenz. “We have also strategically enhanced the individual series and are offering a comprehensive package of innovations for drupa 2016. The focus here is always on customer benefits and the kinds of solutions the customer needs for its specific requirements.”
A number of key innovations will already have been introduced by drupa 2016, for example the second generation of the AutoPlate XL 2 simultaneous plate changer for the Speedmaster XL 106. Apart from a further reduction in the time it takes to change plates, it is now also possible to change all the printing plates while the rubber blankets and printing cylinders are being washed.
The only inline measuring system that offers true spectral measurement, the Prinect Inpress Control 2, is also available in its second generation and boasts much faster measurement. The time until the first measurement has been halved and a further 20 percent reduction in waste is possible.
Specifically for packaging printers, Prinect Inpress Control 2 makes it possible to measure and control print control strips printed on opaque white. “Measuring on opaque white is no easy feat”, explains Mr. Plenz. “However, we are going one step further with our offline measuring system Prinect Image Control 3. It doesn’t just measure on opaque white – we have succeeded in measuring and even controlling the opaque white itself. This enables us to offer our customers unprecedented process control and color constancy on transparent or metalized printing stocks.”


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