The POLAR AntiStick-Knife

Since the summer of 2007 POLAR has been offering the AntiStick-Knife, which is meant especially for cutting gummed materials (e.g.stick-on labels) which leave adhesive residue on the knife.

Many operators are already aware of the problems caused by cutting such materials when using standard HSS or carbide-tipped knives. After only a few cuts the tough adhesive residue begins to accumulate on both the front and rear of the knife. This quickly impairs cutting quality, meaning that the knife must be repeatedly cleaned, - a laborious and time-consuming task.

In order to avoid such problems, POLAR now offers the AntiStick Knife. The patent pending coating which covers the knife reduces the build-up of adhesive residue to almost zero.
Customers already using the AntiStick Knife are reporting a productivity gain of up to 100 % depending on the type of material being cut.

Along with the AirKnife (used when cutting statically charged materials) and the TwinClamp (suited for corrugated materials) the AntiStick Knife is another way in which POLAR continues to offer its customers solutions to help increase their productivity.

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