Blind trust in POLAR

The entire supply of reading materials for the blind in Egypt is cut by blind people on POLAR machines.

The Demonstration Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Blind has been looking after the interests of blind people in Cairo for over 60 years. The non-profit-making organization also owns the Braille Printing House, which produces Egypt’s entire supply of literature for the blind. 85 staff are employed in the print shop, 65 of whom are blind. Since the mid-70s, the Braille Printing House has worked with POLAR highspeed cutters. In 2003, the POLAR 115 CS dating from 1986 was supplemented by a POLAR 115 E in order to meet the growing demand for school books, religious works and simple text books. When asked how satisfied they are there with the machines, the Managing Director, Mostafa Kamal Abdel Lateef, answers. “So far, we haven’t had a single breakdown on either machine. The knives are normally changed by a member of staff with no visual impairment, but we have also managed it the other way too. Despite our handicapped operators there have never been any injuries during cutting.” Smiling he adds: “We know we can trust POLAR blind...”


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