It is good to remember …

2015-09-18 - Chronicles

Recent history has shown and the events have confirmed it to what extremes of bondage a country may come when the excesses of irresponsible policies lead it to the lowest levels of credibility and trust. Portugal, owing to the folly of its politicians – a group of lads who struggled more to defend their corporate interests than the public interest – ended embarrassed and ashamed seeing its sovereignty sold to the creditors. Sometimes, n ...

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In memoriam

2015-07-14 - Chronicles

In memoriam Rev. Father Valentim Marques (1937-2015)   The terrible news caused me great sorrow, “Father Valentim died of a stroke! He did not resist the stress brought about by his withdrawal and the end of his printing company, dying with it!” Some days before, in a phone call, I had encouraged him to go again to Termas de Chaves in August, hoping to enjoy his company once more. I tried to persuade him to return to the spa of hydr ...

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To find a needle in a haystack - Cont.

2015-03-24 - Chronicles

Here I am back to continue the previous chronicle to show the equipments used in 1908 to produce Illustração Portugueza, a weekly issue of the newspaper O Século. By professional habit, I try to leave to the present and future people the real shroud of an age swallowed by time but reflecting with ruthless sharpness that life, in all ages, is a hard penance. The document is here referenced to the attention of those who want to read it. With ...

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To find a needle in a haystack

2015-02-18 - Chronicles

There are lucky days. Today was one of them. The sunny morning mirrored on the coloured oasis planted and cared by my wife here on the house terraces invited to challenge the youth that still throbs in me and all the practical sense imposed by health to activate stuck members made me wind up the shoes and walk in all directions where this comforting, emotional, sensory feeling takes me and is the cause of the beat of my heart to the rhythm of eac ...

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Who can be trusted?

2014-12-17 - Chronicles

For the second time I am giving a chronicle the same title I had put to another one, of November 2009, referring to Bernard Madoff, the author of the financial fraud that triggered the terrible global economic situation. I could have thought of another title, for example, Causes and effects of a shortsighted supervision, Criminal management of Bank Espírito Santo discredits the Commission for the Securities Market and the Bank of Portugal, Fi ...

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Put turbojets to drive the rotations of your printing company!

2014-11-20 - Chronicles

In many printing companies, when it is time to buy new equipments, the company owners think that to invest some million euro more in the latest technology, incorporating options that help to improve the production processes is a waste of money that can only be justified or makes sense for great companies. This is quite wrong! Today, all printing companies whether great, small or medium sized have to use the full range of resources that are off ...

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