Stahlfolder BH/CH

Folding technology on highest level. Reliability and productivity for your business operation.

The proven Stahlfolder BH/CH folding technology ensures optimum results - right from the start.


Stahlfolder BH/CH folding machines embody the characteristics that have made Heidelberg famous for its reliability, consistent productivity, and premium product quality. Their highly standardized features ensure top quality folding and make them especially well suited for signatures, books, and commercial products.

The Stahlfolder BH/CH series of folding machines are a modular platform concept that enables flexible configurations and even extensions in the future.

Technical Features

  • Stahlfolder BH: Modular buckle plate machines in working widths 56 / 66 / 82 cm
  • Stahlfolder CH: Combination folding machines in working widths 56 / 66 / 78 cm
  • Cover all kinds of common standard folding products (e.g. signature folding and commercial jobs for perfect-bound or stitched products )
  • Efficient automation options support faster makeready and easy handling
  • Made in Germany - 100% Heidelberg

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